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Best Coffee Gift Baskets

Coffee Gift Baskets – Good ’till The Last Drop



Ever been around someone who LOVES coffee more than life itself?!

We ALL know someone who does.

They can talk an earful about different types, kinds, varieties, and brands from sun up to sun down. In fact, they can persuade YOU to drink it even if you don’t care for it because of how passionate they are about it. You would think they were selling liquid GOLD, and apparently to many, they are!

This is why a coffee and chocolate gift basket delivered or hand passed is a thoughtful gesture for any true coffee lover in your life. It actively shows your appreciation and affection for their passion.

You should see the recipients eyes light up with pure JOY at such a gift! They’re like kids in a candy store. They just can’t wait to try one luxury coffee sampler after another, especially during those tough times when they’re fresh out of their ‘routine’, but because of your thoughtful gesture they’ll have a cup of Joe on you.

Where We Discovered The BEST Coffee Gift Basket Ideas Online 

(Starbucks Eat Your Heart Out! )


Us coffee drinkers are a fickle bunch.

Too many bad batches and it’s a bad day at the office. Too little coffee and we can get a bit cranky.

Using ourselves as a model, before sending out coffee gift baskets we test each one for its quality AND quantity. We’ve tried many kinds from different online stores as well as brick and mortar shops. Of all options we chose only ONE that takes the cake in presentation, styling, personality, flavor, and product quality.

Here’s one customized gift basket we shamelessly share a love affair:

‘Filled To The Brim’ Custom Coffee Gift Basket 


Call us ‘cliché’, but this gift basket is ‘filled to the brim’ with ground coffee bean delectables guaranteed to peak the interest of any light or heavy drinker.

It’s all too easy to get stuck in a rut (i.e. “I KNOW what I’m drinking and what it does for ME.”), yet this variety took us by surprise how smooth and succulent many choices presented turned out to be compared to most others leaving a sour taste in our mouths (figuratively and literally).

Here’s what’s included in this D-I-Y coffee gift basket when you buy at checkout:

** (3) Starbucks Signature Coffees

** Wolfgang Puck Coffee

** Café Latte Drink Mix

** (2) Coffee Masters Flavored Coffees

** Biscoff Belgian Biscuits

** Viva Sonoma Chocolate Biscotti

** Brent & Sams Key Lime White Choc Chip Cookies

** Dolcetto Chocolate Cream Filled Wafer Rolls

There are several add-on’s you can include when you purchase this coffee gift basket shopping at this online store.

The recipient will feel loved and humbled by your beautiful bouquet of coffee and coffee-related assortments.

Why We love “Design-It-Yourself-Coffee-Gift-Baskets” the Best!
(and why YOU will Too!)  

Not only does Design It Yourself Coffee Gift Baskets exemplify the meaning of “The #1 online luxury coffee gift baskets”, our customer service experience is second-to-none, all for very reasonable and affordable prices to boot.

Make no mistake about it, these baskets are the ideal presents for coffee lovers be it during birthdays, anniversaries, parties, housewarmings, Valentines Day, Sweeties Day, or any other holiday celebration or non-occasion.

Gift basket giving is a rarity this day and age. Few do it, and those who do stand out from the crowd of your typical gifts (Hallmark cards, box of candies, technology, etc.)

When’s the last time you received a gift basket?

It’s been years, if ever.

How would you feel if you received one today?




So imagine how someone else will feel that you paid enough attention to detail to generously gift something they can’t get enough of?

You’ll be the center of their conversations opening doors to even stronger relationships.

Leave a memorable impression. Buy a customized D-I-Y coffee gift basket for that special individual, loyal customer or business associate and be praised for a lifetime at Design-It-Yourself-Gift-Baskets!