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Best Gift Baskets for Men

The Best Gift Baskets for Gentlemen



Men in today could use more appreciation for all they do and contribute to society. It’s time we recognize husbands, fathers, cops, soldiers, firefighters, and male inventors of the world.

A men’s gift basket sends the statement to the man you love, admire, or respect that, “You matter. I care. I appreciate you.” Without so much as saying it, but proving it. Men are visual creatures, after all. A public display of gratitude is sorely missing at a time where needed most to inspire creativity, ingenuity, and personal growth.

You agree. That’s why you’re here. What better way to lift your husband, nephew, son, business associate, friend, boyfriend, or cousins spirit than an awesome gift basket for guys?

Where We Discovered the BEST Men Crate Gift Basket Ideas for Men

(and where YOU can, too!)

Just For Him Gift Baskets is a broad category of a variety of gift baskets targeting men-related activities such as tennis, golf, hunting, fishing, barbecuing, watching movies, wine tasting, beer drinking, and casino gambling.

For this review we cover a gift basket theme related to most men.


Not just “any” cooking…


A man with a spatula in his hand IS the next Wolfgang Puck. So when the warmer weather rolls around he can be sure he’s going to be on the hunt for the next best sauce and grilling utensils.

We found the perfect match.

‘Grilling Extravaganza’ Custom Delivery Gift Basket


We reviewed several mens gift baskets and few impress us like the “Grilling Extravaganza” from Design It Yourself Gift Baskets.

This set is sure to cause his jaw to hit the floor in disbelief how well-packaged, sturdy, luxurious it is. This is not your average cheap throw-together. There are sauces, mixes, and rubs that that will make him the reigning King of BBQ, not to mention the assortment of edibles and sausage meat included. Delicious!

Austinuts South of the Border Snack Mix, included in this basket, is wonderfully spicy.

Other items and edibles included with your D-I-Y men’s themed gift basket purchase is a 12 Pc Stainless Steel Grilling Set, Fredericksburg Farms Barbecue Sauces (2), Sucklebusters Texas Chili Mix, and more.

For the full scope on what’s included when you buy this male gift basket shopping online as well as options you have at your disposal to add other treats you believe the recipient will enjoy, click here.

Why We love “Design It Yourself Mens Gift Baskets” the Best!

(and why YOU will Too!)

Design It Yourself Guys Gift Baskets is well-known as the best online men’s gift basket internet store in the world” based on Google, Yahoo, and Bing search results. Customer service support is top notch, too.

This basket makes an ideal present for the aspiring backyard chef for birthdays, block parties, housewarmings, Christmas, Thanksgiving, or any other holiday celebration or non-occasion.

Gift basket giving is a rarity in this modern age where a text message or facebook “like” counts as genuine affection.

When’s the last time you received a gift basket?

It’s been years we bet, if ever.

Wouldn’t you feel loved, appreciated, admired, respected, acknowledged, or all of the above?

So imagine how a man feels when you’ve paid attention to the little things that count by giving him a quality basket of goodies in support of what he loves to do?

Grilling isn’t the only theme offered. There are baskets for movie lovers. Wine lovers. Fishermen. Sports fans. Hunters. Coffee drinkers. And beer gift baskets.

Don’t be the average Joe or Jane. Give something totally unique and different. Be a happy welcome surprise next time you visit your recipient. He or she will appreciate you even more when you place your order at Design It Yourself Gift Basket!