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Best Golf Gift Baskets

Best Golf Gift Baskets for Men and Women 


Do you know someone personally who loves to get out there on the green and square a few tees?

Here are ONE solid reason why we recommend golf gift baskets for him or her:

It’s The LAZY Way To Get It Right…The FIRST Time!

Frankly, there’s no simpler way to express thoughtfulness without scrambling your brain attempting to piece together on your own what you should or should not get a golfer.

What if they already have an item? What if they don’t WANT an item? What if they need an item more you didn’t give?

There’s an easy answer to those questions and more. With golfer gift baskets you ‘cover your bases’ ensuring the recipient has the use for several items, if not most of them at some point so if they don’t need one item they’ll have a use for another and vice versa.

Where We Found the BEST Golf Gift Basket Ideas  

(and where YOU can, too!)

Golfer gift crates are ideal for birthdays, corporate clients, business relations, or ‘just because’ occasions.

Of the dozens reviewed we chose this one to shine a spotlight from Design It Yourself Inexpensive Gift Baskets:

The ‘Happy Birdies To You’ Custom Delivery Gift Basket      


This golf present basket arrangement ranks as one of our top 3 favorites based on selection variety, presentation, affordability, and delivery.

The basket itself is not a “basket” per se but doubles as an insulated cooler holding up to 6 cans with multiple pockets for snack storage and other small golfing related items and/or essential equipment.

What we found particularly useful in this bag when you purchase this unique D-I-Y golfing gift basket are the Whiffle Practice Balls.

We’ve tried nearly every kind of limited flight ball and most if not all were totally useless and worthless. These, on the other hand, are strong, flexible and great for flight practice. They’re also great for short flights. You can practice hard drives without having to travel 100 yards to pick them up.

The Top Reason Why We Love “Design It Yourself Golfing Gift Baskets”

(and why YOU will Too!)

Design It Yourself Gift Baskets sets the standard for quality on-line golfing gift baskets via the internet. Based on Google, Yahoo, and Bing search results statistics, they are among the top 3 in the world, not to mention their customer service team are fast, attentive and helpful in every way.

Imagine now for a moment the recipient of this gift and the number of emotions coursing through their veins when they open this surprise. It could shape the future of that relationship for a lifetime. It’s a simple kind gesture with far-reaching impact – more so than a 300 yard drive down the fairway.

Other golf gift baskets you will find on this website sure to pique your interest include “Golf is My Bag “, “The Mulligan”, “I’d Rather be Golfing”, “The Fairway”, “Just FORE You!”, and “Born to Golf”.

Anyone who loves golf is sure to appreciate this golf inspired gift box delivered by mail.

When you visit Design It Yourself Golf Gift Basket website today and purchase your custom gift basket for that lucky recipient it is sure to be remembered.