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Best Healthy Gift Baskets

Best Healthy Gourmet Gift Baskets for Men and Women



Who says you can’t partake in the luxurious experience indulging in healthy gourmet snacks and foods?!

The recipient(s) of a healthy gift basket may have taken a left turn on personal dietary choices but that doesn’t mean they’re exempt from partaking in quality choice edibles making them smile from ear to ear.

A healthy gourmet gift basket is a thoughtful acknowledgment of a recipient’s dietary lifestyle without offending their taste buds with second-rate knockoffs designed to imitate the real thing. The best healthy gourmet food gift crates assemble the best of the best – both known and unknown brands – for a truly unforgettable tasting experience!

Where We Discovered the BEST D-I-Y Healthy Gift Basket Ideas   

(and where YOU can, too!)

Healthy edible food gift baskets are ideal for any occasion and anyone with a ‘health slant’ in their lives from birthdays, to corporate clients, business relations, or ‘just because’ occasions.

Of the dozen health baskets we reviewed we chose one as a shining example from Design It Yourself Inexpensive Gift Baskets:

The ‘Guiltless Pleasures’ Custom Delivery Food Gift Basket       


Traditional baskets are sometimes unfairly reputed as “everything you wish you could indulge in daily, but don’t (or can’t)”. They’re called guilty pleasures; to be enjoyed every once in a blue moon without risk of stretching the waistline from over consumption (which we’re ALL guilty of at some point in our lives).

Fortunately, there are ‘guiltless pleasures’ your recipient can safely snack on while staying slim, healthy, and trim.

This may be the FIRST food gift basket where your recipient will feel GOOD gobbling it all up in a single sitting!

What we love most about this assortment of tasty delicacies is it proves healthy gourmet edibles is on par, if not better, than it’s original unhealthy option. Your recipient will appreciate this! Everything they used to eat regularly and feel they can’t any longer – they now can. This basket is a healthy reminder of what your recipient(s) can still enjoy without ‘guilt’.

Here’s a sample of what’s included when you purchase this healthy fitness gift basket for him or her:

** Joy of Tea Collection

** Feridies Fruit & Nut Trail Mix

** Cranberry Harvest Fruit Trail Mix

** Northwoods Cheddar Cheese

** Holly Baking Peanut Butter Choc. Chip Cookies

** Biscoff Belgian Biscuits, and more!

Here’s Why “Design It Yourself Gift Baskets” Is The Best Gift Basket Internet Store 

Design It Yourself Gift Baskets sets the bar for what it means to be the #1 online healthy gift basket internet store based currently on Google, Bing, and Yahoo search term results and statistics.

Though they drive a lot of traffic and generate tons of sales on a daily basis their customer service support is second-to-none. They genuinely care about how your basket is delivered, when, and where. You’re always kept up-to-date on your purchase.

Imagine for a moment, if you will, how appreciated, admired, respected, acknowledged and honored the recipient of this health gift basket will feel.

Imagine how YOU would feel when you do so. You’ll feel like dancing on the moon at the surprised reaction you’ll surely get. The art of gift basket giving at one point was a lost art amongst gentlemen and proper ladies. It’s been recently making a large comeback and for good reason. People want more interaction that goes beyond your typical facebook status like or comments on your page for your birthday. People are making their affections real and tangible more than ever before.

Other related healthy snack gift baskets for the health conscious sure to pique their taste buds include, but not limited to, are “Healthy Snacks”, “Here’s To Good Health”, “Healthy for You “, and an “Apple a Day”.

Show your recipient you ‘care’ for their health and well-being. He or she is sure to appreciate this healthy inspired gift box basket delivered by mail.

It doesn’t take much to stand out from the crowd. A little creativity and thoughtfulness goes a long way, so shop and purchase from Design It Yourself Gift Basket today!