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Best Pet Gift Baskets for Dog & Cat Lovers

Best Pet Gift Baskets for Dog, Puppy, Cat, and Kitten Lovers 



It doesn’t take much to satisfy man’s best friend, be it dog or cat. Decent shelter, good food, and a little affectionate attention are all that’s required to keep a canine happy. Anything more and the animal wouldn’t know the difference. But perhaps that’s its charm. The pet expects nothing but love. Anything more and it’s a bonus as far as he or she is concerned. Ever wanted to gift someone something who expected nothing? Only then is it a pleasure; a joy.

What makes pet gift baskets unique from any other is you could purchase a basket for your own pet as a gift, to give to someone else as a gift for their pet, or both.

Of all gift baskets to give pet gift baskets are by far the easiest to get right. You could accidentally send chocolates for someone lactose intolerant, send a wedding gift basket to a couple who called a marriage off, or send someone a basket of goodies with peanut brittle not knowing they’re allergic! You have to do more detective work and there is little to no room for error. Pet baskets, on the other hand, generally appeals to most pets and if you don’t know what to get the recipient personally if they have a pet, you can be sure they’d appreciate a gift for their pet they’re caring for.

It’s win-win.

Where We Discovered the BEST D-I-Y Pet Gift Basket Ideas      

(and where YOU can, too!)

There were several ‘pet’ gift baskets we reviewed from different internet stores but there was one basket from Design It Yourself Dog Cat Toy Gift Baskets that caught our attention based on the overall response from our dogs. And that is…

The ‘Man’s Best Friend’ Customized Dog Themed Pet Gift Basket          


This is a no-frills dog owner gift basket filled with the essential dog toy bones and gourmet doggy treats. Oldies but goodies. Initially, we assumed our dogs would go for the more extravagant, over-the-top more expensive items in the larger baskets we reviewed, but none of them came close to the pleasure they appeared to get out of the contents of this basket.

Other items included are ‘Canine Carry Outs’, ‘Snaw-Somes’, ‘Paw Print Picture Frame’, and ‘Snaw-Somes’. Click here to deliver this basket and learn more about the different add-on options available to include to truly make this basket unique and one-of-a-kind.

Here’s The Biggest Reason Why We Prefer “Design It Yourself Pet Gift Baskets”

(and why YOU should, too!)

Not only is Design It Yourself Gift Baskets the #1 internet pet gift basket online store (according to Google, Yahoo, and Bing search engines), it’s one of the top gift basket delivery shops we’ve come across ourselves personally to date.

Having one of the top spots doesn’t automatically qualify to make it on our list, however. We tested customer service, speed of delivery, site design, etc. There were a few kinks that could be ironed out but certainly no deal breaker.

Other products from this custom DIY pet gift basket online store include “The Cat’s Meow”, “Cat and Mouse”, “Pampered Pooch”, and “For the Love of Cats”.

Delivering a pet gift basket to any recipient not only expresses your thoughtfulness to someone you love and care for it shows you care for the pets in their lives they love, too.

Visit Design It Yourself Gift Basket today to catch upcoming sales and deals.